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JAY’S BOTTLES ~ HALL A 28 May 31, 2012

Posted by comeintomygarden in Collectibles.

With 12 years at Historic Lakewood and 5 at Lakewood 400, Jay Guest has explained why bottles turn purple to millions of  people!
It’s really interesting.  You see … these bottles, also known as ‘sun glass’, were made between 1860 and 1915.  They started out clear, but these curious lavender bottles have transformed to purple over the decades as the ‘manganese in the glass’  was exposed to the sun’s UV rays.  Every bottle is distinct and no two turn quite the same.
Jay buys and sells bottles … all kinds of bottles, and glass.  Try ‘eye wash’ glasses.  How collectible are these!  In addition, he has framed ‘kaleidoscopes’ of glass.  If you love bottles like Jay, and the magnificent colors the sun gleans when behind them, Jay’s your guy.  For sure, he can tell you the history of just about every kind of bottle.
Hall A 28.

One of Jay’s customers windows filled with his colorful bottles



1. laura - June 1, 2012

Any way to contact Jay directly? I recently inherited a huge collection of bottles including a few purple! I would love to pick his brain to get some info & would also be interested in selling 🙂

comeintomygarden - June 2, 2012

Hi! Thanks for reading our blog.
Jay’s phone number is 864-836-7677. He buys as well as sells!
jan jones

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