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PHYLLIS FOLEY ~ Hall G 416 April 30, 2014

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Phyllis Foley grew up with antiques in New England and was a dealer for many years in Florida. She always dreamt of doing the old Lakewood Antiques Market, but family responsibilities prevented that. Now, happily she is here at Lakewood 400 with her daughter Mary-Ellen who is helping her liquidate the treasures she has collected over many years, to go live with her in Wyoming.  Last month
her cherished chocolate set was purchased as a birthday gift for an 80 year old lady who lost a similar one in a move to an elderly facility; her Easter bunny tureen went to a lady who raises pet rabbits; and a Victorian re-enactor happily found several pieces of Victoriana. Phyllis believes people are the biggest part of the business and she is pleased that the things she enjoyed will now give happiness to someone else.
Meet Phyllis in Hall G, booths 416, 417 and 460.
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STOREYOLOGY ~ HALL H 515 March 24, 2014

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Does your home decor tell your story?

Storyology-A New Chapter in Home Decor has taken to heart interior designer and author Becky Dietrich’s philosophy, “Great interior design has nothing to do with the amount of money you spend. It has to do with how well your home tells your story. Successful design inspires curiosity and makes your family and guests feel nurtured. It makes them want to say, ‘Because I’ve been here, I feel I know you in a whole new way.'” This is where Storyology comes in.

Turning two antique dolls into the down payment on their first home made a believer out of Jan Agnello’s husband, Steve. He’s now a “Shark Tank” investor in her business! They travel from Florida to California in search of unique treasures to save you money and crack the mold of monotony. She uses traditional Italian restoration and old world techniques to add gold and silver leaf to deserving pieces. She also applies her reupholstering talent to revive pieces with classic or unusual lines. Other conversation pieces include one-of-a-kind lighting, custom folded books, and original artisan plates.

You want to check out this talented Dealer in Hall H 515… Because we all have a story to tell.

Website: http://www.storyology.com

Original Artisan Plate

Original Artisan Plate

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COUTURE CARLOTTA ~ Hall H 503 March 11, 2014

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Carlotta Stapleton

Carlotta Stapleton

Of all fashion accessories, the hat is by far the most significant. You might even say each decade can be defined by the style of hat popular at that time. One shop at Lakewood 400,Couture Carlotta, is like walking into a quality lady’s store from days gone bye featuring more hats than you can imagine.

   As a child, owner Carlotta Stapleton idolized Melly fromGone With The Wind, wanting to be just like her. She grew up just as gracious, and loving all the accessories a Southern lady employs. Her career as a Flight Attendant with American Airlines afforded her many opportunities to collect the treasures all over the world which now fill her beautiful shop.
   Carlotta secretly desires to be a milliner and can design or enhance a hat just for you.
   The film industry regularly shops with Carlotta for movies since they are sure to find all styles needed. She might be enticed to “rent” a hat as well.
   In addition to all the accessories for an elegant lady from hat pins to china teacups to glamorous vanities, Carlotta offers styling tips and will gladly search for specific fashions for you.

With Easter just around the corner, April 20, this is one shop you want to check out … Hall H 503. Carlotta will make you make you feel right at home.
"Downton Abbey" Style

“Downton Abbey” Style

"Hunger Games" Style

“Hunger Games” Style



VELVET’S VINTAGE ~ HALL B 47 March 3, 2014

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This husband and wife team, Velvet and Craig Walker, met in elementary school and have been sweethearts ever since!

   Specializing in antiques, primitives, architectural salvage, and funky, rusty, crusty, finds, they turned their passion of picking into a full time business. They opened a retail antique shop in 2002 in Cleveland, Georgia, which is open Monday through Saturday, 10-5.
   They offer many services including searching high and low for anything you are looking for; buying as well as selling; and estate liquidations.
   Velvet and Craig have three grown sons … a Software Engineer, a 1st Lt. Infantry US Army, and an Auctioneer.
   You will love the treasure hunt you will find in Velvet’s Vintage! Check them out in Hall B 47.
Email: velvetsvintage@yahoo.com
Website: www.velvetsvintage.com

Facebook: Velvet’s Vintage



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Patrice Brunet was born in 1963 in Normandy, France. He discovered the joy of painting when he was given a painting set on his eighth birthday. It was love at first sight!
   Patrice worked as a guide on a Seine riverboat before his stint in the army. Afterwards he worked as an antiques dealer, traveling throughout Europe buying art and antiques. During this time, he continued to paint with passion and studied under Belgium artists.
In 1990, Patrice opened an antiques and art store at the Paris flea market and in 1995 an antiques and art gallery in Paris. He visited the United States on business for the first time in 1996 and moved to Pensacola, Florida, in 2001 working as an antiques and art dealer, and to Birmingham, Alabama in 2003, where he lives today. He became a full time artist in 2006, and became a listed artist in 2007
Patrice also paints beautiful portraits of your beloved pets!
     Meet Patrice in Hall A.
Email: pbrunet1963@gmail.com
See more on his website at www.patricebrunet.net

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ETHELYN’S ~ Hall H 507 January 30, 2014

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Donna Liberatore’s love for the outdoors greatly influences each piece that she gravitates to and further inspires her love for earthy colors, unusual lines, pieces with texture and architectural elements. Her shop is filled with unusual furniture, farm like objects, and anything related to gardening.
Donna grew up in Connecticut where she loves the beautiful landscapes and rich history. She enjoys gardening, hiking and spending time with friends and family, and is especially appreciative of the
support of her husband and two sons.
See Donna’s eclectic collection in Hall H.
Email: ethelyns.calhoun@gmail.com


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REUSE, RECYCLE, REPURPOSE – John Collier, Collier Custom Designs ~ Veranda January 15, 2014

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Everyone is more aware of the environment than ever before. In the last few years, many new words have been introduced into the English language that refer to the process of reusing existing materials rather than simply cutting more trees or sending more to the landfill. Lakewood 400 Dealers have long been known for being uniquely creative and on the cutting edge when it comes to design ideas and what’s going on in the world. That’s why you will find items throughout the show that have been repurposed … brought from outdated to highly sought after, and made useful in todays homes and businesses.
100_5470One Dealer who takes this to the highest level is John Collier of Collier Custom Designs, who comes to Lakewood from Altona, PA. John deals in architectural salvage, the real deal, and actually goes into incredible historic buildings that are being demolished, mostly up north, and removes anything that can be reused. He then turns tin ceiling panels into frames for mirrors, signs, art panels and more. He builds tables of every size out of banister parts and old flooring, as well as massive counters, bars and shelving units and wall shelves. John is well known in the US and can locate items you are seeking. He welcomes custom orders.
John is located out front on the Veranda just as you come in.
Email: JoBeLeAs@aol.com
See more on John’s WebPage on the Lakewood 400 website:


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For everyone who received engagement rings over the holidays, Lakewood 400 is Wedding Central, especially if you’re planning a wedding in a rustic barn or other venue. Many Dealers have items perfect to set the stage, but did you know that many Dealers will also rent items for your big day?
1058These doors from an old hotel were rented for the perfect nuptial backdrop. Old doors, arbors, fern stands, all kinds of vintage items and furnishings can create the look you desire. And Lakewood Dealers are full of creative ideas to help you plan!
1063Your first stop may be Grosgrain Annie’s Ribbon Emporium for some of their 1920’s hand dyed silk ribbon No shortage of ideas in this shop.
1059Need special signage?
1061An incredible
vintage dress?
1062Custom Invitations and Jewelry for Bridesmaids and the Bride!
The final tribute might be a custom painting of the wedding dress by Patricia DiBona of DiBona Designs in Hall G.
No matter what you need, talk to the Dealers at Lakewood 400!
If they don’t have it, they will know where you can get it … anything you need!

ANNE HATHAWAY DESIGNS ~ HALL C 132-133 January 11, 2014

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Most people know Anne Hathaway as an incredible artist who had a well known shop on Bennett Street in downtown Atlanta, and specialized in her prints, original artwork and pottery. Anne was a Lakewood 400 dealer for two years when it opened, but left to handle the busy traffic at her shop. With the shop now closed, she is back at Lakewood 400!
   Meanwhile, Anne’s husband, Eric Lee, sold his restaurant to become a stay-at-home Dad. Children grown, Eric then became the craftsman at Anne Hathaway Designs who builds wonderful furniture from reclaimed wood including Farm Tables. They provide the history of the wood with each piece, such as wood from an old three story plantation house built in Jackson, GA, in 1833. They have been working on for awhile that wood for quite a while.
    Anne is a self-taught artist, inspired by famed artist Georgia O-Keefe, and known first by her botanical watercolors and then for her colorful depictions of animals, fish and birds. Her artwork has been described as sophisticated whimsy and has been depicted on original watercolors, prints and dinnerware. Her artwork has universal appeal and inspires smiles around the world. Indeed, her art is featured in such places as the London wine merchant, Justerini and Brooks LTD, and on the Royal Caribbean Cruise Ships.
Eric’s hobby is tracing the genealogical history of his family which goes back to 320 AD. Anne’s family came over on the Mayflower.
You will enjoy checking out these beautiful works of art and talking with Anne and Eric.
Hall C 132-133
Email: ahathpaint@aol.com
Website: www.annehathawaydesigns.com



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Allen Shrewsbury negotiates and buys antiques like most antique dealers. Actually, he may be even a little more shrewd than a lot of dealers when it comes to getting the best price. He’s knowledgable about the products he carries and can rattle off the history of each one. What makes him unique is that he is only 12 years old, and he has his own booth at the Lakewood 400 Antiques Market in Cumming.

“I believe that I just had an old soul,” says Allen who didn’t come from a family of antique enthusiasts. He started with vintage 60’s matchbox cars and hot wheels and before he knew it, he was hooked. He progressed to old coins and from there to old currency, glassware, police badges, football and baseball cards, coke collectibles, fishing lures, license plates and more. And then something really interesting happened. A friend gave Allen her Coke collectibles to put on ebay. The bids were substantial, his commissions exciting, and another venue of antiques selling began.

Allen enjoys meeting customers and sharing the stories of the items he sells. He was born in Gwinnett County and moved to Forsyth when he was 4. He attends Riverwatch Middle School where he is active with the Drama Club, on the Green Cascade Swim Team, and won the Timothy Award in the AWANA Program. Allen is also very active with Boy Scout Troop 62 which is raising money to send Popcorn to the Troops. Even though he is very busy, according to his mother he would be antiquing “all day every day” if possible. “Actually” says Pam, “buying and selling is how I taught him Math. He saves 20%, gives 10% to the church, and the rest goes to buy more to sell!”

Allen has been coming to Lakewood 400 Antiques Market for over 5 years, since he was 7 years old. You can meet this remarkable young man in Hall C space 136.

Email: ajshrews@bellsouth.net100_6121 100_6119 100_6118 100_6117 100_6116 100_6115 100_6114 100_6113 100_6112 100_6111 100_6110 100_6109 100_6108 100_6107 100_6106