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PHYLLIS FOLEY ~ Hall G 416 April 30, 2014

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Phyllis Foley grew up with antiques in New England and was a dealer for many years in Florida. She always dreamt of doing the old Lakewood Antiques Market, but family responsibilities prevented that. Now, happily she is here at Lakewood 400 with her daughter Mary-Ellen who is helping her liquidate the treasures she has collected over many years, to go live with her in Wyoming.  Last month
her cherished chocolate set was purchased as a birthday gift for an 80 year old lady who lost a similar one in a move to an elderly facility; her Easter bunny tureen went to a lady who raises pet rabbits; and a Victorian re-enactor happily found several pieces of Victoriana. Phyllis believes people are the biggest part of the business and she is pleased that the things she enjoyed will now give happiness to someone else.
Meet Phyllis in Hall G, booths 416, 417 and 460.
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REUSE, RECYCLE, REPURPOSE – John Collier, Collier Custom Designs ~ Veranda January 15, 2014

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Everyone is more aware of the environment than ever before. In the last few years, many new words have been introduced into the English language that refer to the process of reusing existing materials rather than simply cutting more trees or sending more to the landfill. Lakewood 400 Dealers have long been known for being uniquely creative and on the cutting edge when it comes to design ideas and what’s going on in the world. That’s why you will find items throughout the show that have been repurposed … brought from outdated to highly sought after, and made useful in todays homes and businesses.
100_5470One Dealer who takes this to the highest level is John Collier of Collier Custom Designs, who comes to Lakewood from Altona, PA. John deals in architectural salvage, the real deal, and actually goes into incredible historic buildings that are being demolished, mostly up north, and removes anything that can be reused. He then turns tin ceiling panels into frames for mirrors, signs, art panels and more. He builds tables of every size out of banister parts and old flooring, as well as massive counters, bars and shelving units and wall shelves. John is well known in the US and can locate items you are seeking. He welcomes custom orders.
John is located out front on the Veranda just as you come in.
Email: JoBeLeAs@aol.com
See more on John’s WebPage on the Lakewood 400 website:

RAY BURNETTE ~ HALL C 120-121 October 2, 2013

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Ray Burnette started playing music at 14 years old. Raised in Alpharetta, Georgia, he plays the guitar, drums, bass, harmonica, fiddle and probably a little of anything else put in his hands. About 40 years ago, he started collecting Cookie Jars and old Clothes Sprinklers. It’s a most interesting combination, but you will see an awesome collection of both in his shop all the way back in Hall C. Beautiful instruments he collected over the years which he is now parting with. But what’s even better, there is usually a concert going on back there!
If you are musically inclined or know someone who is, this shop is a must. Don’t forget Christmas coming up! And as for the Cookie Jars, who doesn’t love cookies or remember the jar your Mother or Grandmother had!
See Ray’s treasures in Hall C and hear him play!
Email: minnola@att.net

RONALD CURTIS ~ HALL F (MIDDLE) January 29, 2013

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Ronald Curtis likes the unique. “When I go picking, the most unusual items at the best prices are what I am drawn to.”  As a result, Ronald’s shop is an assortment of furniture, woodwork, art, jewelry, collectibles, and lots of it. He and his wife, Ruth, spread out over the 13 booths in the middle of Hall F. A visit to the Lakewood blog will show you how extensive this collection is!
Ronald is from Atlanta and Ruth, his wife of 22 years, is originally from Indiana. Their 5 children range in age from 10-18 and often come to Lakewood 400 to help out in the family business.
Email: ronald.curtis@ymail.com

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OK, the fellow on the left is Burt Reynolds, but do you recognize the one on the right? It’s our own Ed Spivia and he has had one heck of a career!
This year marks the 40th anniversary of the movie ‘Deliverence’.  11 Alive has interviewed Ed about his part in the movie which was the precursor to movies being filmed in Georgia. To see the interview, click below …


Edwin D Spivia was born in Murphy, North Carolina.  While attending Young Harris College, Spivia became a radio announcer at WKRK radio station in Murphy, NC.  In 1965, he came to Atlanta and joined WGST Radio where he moved from announcer to news reporter.  In this role Spivia soon found himself in the national spotlight as he conducted an interview with newly elected House member Julian Bond.  It was Spivia’s interview and subsequent testimony before the Georgia General Assembly which resulted in Bond being denied his seat in the House of Representatives.

In 1968, Spivia left broadcasting for the Georgia Department of Industry and Trade where he developed the idea of the Georgia Film Commission.  Ed knew that from the Georgia coast to the foothills of the Appalachians, the Peach State could offer nearly any location that a TV or movie producer could ask for.  “I was actually working for the Department of Industry and Trade, which is now the Economic Development Department, putting out a magazine about things happening in the state called ‘Georgia Progress’.  They were doing ‘Deliverence’ in Rabun County and I went up to do a story on it and saw them spending money on hotels and drivers and food and came back and told (Governor Jimmy) Carter that we ought to try to get more movies in.  He said ‘devise a program and we’ll do it.”

“I saw a couple of things: money, the creation of jobs and the opportunity for people in Georgia to get involved in the arts in a way they wouldn’t be able to otherwise.”

Spivia promptly went to Hollywood and started talking to directors and producers about bringing their productions to Georgia.

“I had pretty good success and that’s how I got to be the first film commissioner.”

Over the years, Spivia had the chance to meet many famous actors and musicians such as John Wayne, Paul Newman, Walter Matthau, Ray Charles, Chuck Norris and Rachel Ward, just to name a few, and he also worked with five governors and five mayors.

While Spivia was head of the State Film Commission, he was asked to head the Georgia Tourism Office.  During his 7 year tenure as Tourism Director, Spivia developed the concept of promoting the different regions of Georgia rather than having all Georgia communities competing against each other.  The state’s tourism budget for advertising was increased threefold over any previous period and Georgia moved from 27th in tourism revenue and visitation nationally to 7th, second only to Florida in the southeast.  The tourism advertising logo, developed under Spivia’s direction, featuring the Georgia peach, became so popular it was placed on Georgia license plates.  Spivia also conceived and directed the program to collect gold from around the state to replace the gold on the Capitol.  This was done by a wagon train which visited all previous capitols of the state and traveled from the Golden Isles to the gold hills of Dahlonega.

It was at the Department of Industry and Trade that Spivia met former Macon Mayor Buck Melton who was serving as a member of the Board of Industry and Trade.  In 1983, along with Macon businessmen Bill Fickling and Ben Porter, they formed Filmworks, USA, with Spivia as President.  Filmworks obtained a 50 year lease on the Lakewood Fairgrounds with the idea of turning it into a movie studio and Universal-tour type facility.  About 30 pictures were shot at that location.  They also brought to Atlanta the Lakewood Amphitheatre during that time.

Tax incentives dwindled in the 1980s and Spivia and his partners made a decision to turn Lakewood Fairgrounds south of Atlanta into an antique mall which gained national renown.  The city wanted to buy back the property in 2006 which resulted in EUE Screen Gems putting a movie studio in Lakewood, renovating the property.  Director Tyler Perry is now filming at the location.

Seeing the movie industry in Georgia slowing recently, Governor Sonny Perdue asked Spivia to come back and chair the Film Commission in 2006.

Spivia served as a member of the Board of the Georgia Hospitality and Travel Association, The Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau, Chairman of Travel South USA, and was named one of the top three tourism directors in the USA, as well as “Georgia Toastmaster of the Year”, among many other awards and accolades.

Today, Spivia and his wife, Barbara, are the owner of the successful spinoff of Lakewood Antiques, Lakewood 400 Antiques Market in Cumming, Georgia.

HALL H DEALERS June 12, 2012

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Check out these great dealers in Hall H!

Artist, Jim Afroukhteh, H 517

Charlotte Erdel and Pat Ray, Hall H 502










Won & Lydia Lee

Sabrina Orangio, Hall H 518

Lakewood 400 Cafe June 12, 2012

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John & Gilda Shirley present great food made to order, from corn dogs and funnel cakes, to homemade chicken salad. Breakfast is especially good, just like home cooked!
No matter how busy they are, you are always greeted with a smiling face and a warm welcome.  This hard working staff prepares a large menu, many items made from scratch.  You can also get fresh lemonade made by the glass!


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With the trends in weddings today, staging in barns and other unique sites, Lakewood 400 is the perfect resource for all those great props and accessories needed to make a memorable day!
Lakewood 400 dealers not only offer great items, they are full of creative ideas, many from experience in helping other brides, and are sensitive to the wishes of the bride.
We have put together a Lakewood 400 Wedding Resource Guide to get your started on your search, but it’s only a start.  You never know what incredible items you may find each month at the show.  The Guide will be on our new website to be released soon.

Rebecca Kent
UpCountry Charm G 443

To name a few items … vintage wedding dresses and accessories; estate jewelry rings, vintage jewelry, pearls,  and custom made jewelry including photo pendants;  glorious ribbons, lace and doilies, tags, napkin rings; furniture and decor, even pews; linens, vintage and hand made; all kinds of candle holders and chandeliers, floral … even full floral designs; bridesmaid’s gifts including

Vintage House Dressing ~ A 40/4

handmade soaps and many custom made gifts; registry for the retro loving couple; frames and custom framing; fashions; hair pieces and sashes; wooden signs and paper banners; and so much more!

And here’s a great thing … many of these items are available for rental!

There’s so much more in the Guide which will be available on our new website to be released in a few days.

Vintage Cake Toppers Favorite Things

Favorite Things

Favorite Things

Carlotta Stapleton

Carlotta Stapleton

Malfie’s Designs


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At the Ribbon Emporium, you’ll enjoy a step back in time upon entering Jo Ann’s nostalgic recreation of a turn of the century millinery shop … filled with beautiful hand-dyed ribbons and a multitude of supplies perfect for any seamstress or “altered art” artist … all displayed in unique antique pieces.
The full name is Grosgrain Annie’s Ribbon Emporium.  That’s Annie Evans with Jo Ann to the right, her mother and the shop’s namesake.  Both are very creative, especially with scissors, a needle. or a crochet hook!
Jo Ann is an expert at hand dying, everything from 1920 silk ribbon to paper tags, to feathered birds, tiny Christmas trees, even clothes pins!  She’s quite an artist when it comes to “aging” just about and is always willing to share her techniques.
But more than anything, The Ribbon Emporium is “wedding central” at Lakewood 400 where Jo Ann and Annie have helped numerous brides prepare for their big day.
The Ribbon Emporium is the 2nd shop to the left as you enter.

50 Best Antique Market Finds … and how to use them! January 28, 2012

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Reprinted from Romantic Country Magazine, Spring 2012