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COUTURE CARLOTTA ~ Hall H 503 March 11, 2014

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Carlotta Stapleton

Carlotta Stapleton

Of all fashion accessories, the hat is by far the most significant. You might even say each decade can be defined by the style of hat popular at that time. One shop at Lakewood 400,Couture Carlotta, is like walking into a quality lady’s store from days gone bye featuring more hats than you can imagine.

   As a child, owner Carlotta Stapleton idolized Melly fromGone With The Wind, wanting to be just like her. She grew up just as gracious, and loving all the accessories a Southern lady employs. Her career as a Flight Attendant with American Airlines afforded her many opportunities to collect the treasures all over the world which now fill her beautiful shop.
   Carlotta secretly desires to be a milliner and can design or enhance a hat just for you.
   The film industry regularly shops with Carlotta for movies since they are sure to find all styles needed. She might be enticed to “rent” a hat as well.
   In addition to all the accessories for an elegant lady from hat pins to china teacups to glamorous vanities, Carlotta offers styling tips and will gladly search for specific fashions for you.

With Easter just around the corner, April 20, this is one shop you want to check out … Hall H 503. Carlotta will make you make you feel right at home.
"Downton Abbey" Style

“Downton Abbey” Style

"Hunger Games" Style

“Hunger Games” Style





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Allen Shrewsbury negotiates and buys antiques like most antique dealers. Actually, he may be even a little more shrewd than a lot of dealers when it comes to getting the best price. He’s knowledgable about the products he carries and can rattle off the history of each one. What makes him unique is that he is only 12 years old, and he has his own booth at the Lakewood 400 Antiques Market in Cumming.

“I believe that I just had an old soul,” says Allen who didn’t come from a family of antique enthusiasts. He started with vintage 60’s matchbox cars and hot wheels and before he knew it, he was hooked. He progressed to old coins and from there to old currency, glassware, police badges, football and baseball cards, coke collectibles, fishing lures, license plates and more. And then something really interesting happened. A friend gave Allen her Coke collectibles to put on ebay. The bids were substantial, his commissions exciting, and another venue of antiques selling began.

Allen enjoys meeting customers and sharing the stories of the items he sells. He was born in Gwinnett County and moved to Forsyth when he was 4. He attends Riverwatch Middle School where he is active with the Drama Club, on the Green Cascade Swim Team, and won the Timothy Award in the AWANA Program. Allen is also very active with Boy Scout Troop 62 which is raising money to send Popcorn to the Troops. Even though he is very busy, according to his mother he would be antiquing “all day every day” if possible. “Actually” says Pam, “buying and selling is how I taught him Math. He saves 20%, gives 10% to the church, and the rest goes to buy more to sell!”

Allen has been coming to Lakewood 400 Antiques Market for over 5 years, since he was 7 years old. You can meet this remarkable young man in Hall C space 136.

Email: ajshrews@bellsouth.net100_6121 100_6119 100_6118 100_6117 100_6116 100_6115 100_6114 100_6113 100_6112 100_6111 100_6110 100_6109 100_6108 100_6107 100_6106


THE PACKRAT’S DAUGHTER ~ HALL G 420 November 13, 2013

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Doug and Cherylin Cutter have traveled the world over to bring fascinating items to their shoppe along with items from their own collections. They started at Lakewood 400 and Historic Lakewood in 2005 and continue to enjoy it.
   Cherylin started very young going to auctions, estate sales and antique shows with her parents. Both parents were educators and every event became a teaching experience. Her mother dreamed that she and Cherylin’s Dad would retire and travel in their motor home selling and collecting antiques while seeing all of the United States. Sadly, her mother passed away prior to retiring. Cherylin introduced Doug to antique shows and the business. He owned a nice collection of antique pieces through his family and personal acquisitions. They enjoyed meeting new people and adding to their own collections. They soon ran out of room at home and that’s when The Packrat’s Daughter began. It is a tribute to Cherylin’s parents and living her mother’s dream.
     Doug specializes in antique and collectible books, Life magazines from 1936 through the 1980s, and furniture. Cherylin loves European linens, ironstone, transfer ware, majolica and art. Their home is a blend of European and American antiques which carries over in their shoppe. In 2006, they added a sidekick, Bandit, a Jack Russell Terrier, who maintains his presence in their office area at all times. You can find the Cutters and Bandit in their huge shoppe in the back of Hall G.
Email: Packratsdaughter@gmail.com
Facebook: The Packrats Daughter 100_6202 100_6201 100_6200 100_6199 100_6198 100_6197 100_6196 100_6195 100_6194 100_6193 100_6192 100_6191 100_6190 100_6189 100_6188 100_6187 100_6186 100_6185 100_6184 100_6183

LOLETTA’S AT RUNTS PLACE ~ HALL D 218-219 November 13, 2013

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Jim, Lita and Vickie come to Lakewood 400 from their store, Loletta’s at Runts Place, on Highway 20 in Cumming. They have a great variety of merchandise including true antiques, glassware, coins, jewelry, vintage holiday items and metal, as they put it … the gambit, Antique to Unique.
     Lakewood 400 is special to them not only for being able to sell their merchandise, but because of the friendships they have made over the past 5 years. The staff, other dealers and customers have become like family.
     Jim and Lita have been married 52 years and antiquing for about 28 years. Vickie came into their lives 12 years ago and they turned her into an antique Junkie. According to Lita, “If we could have chosen a daughter it would have been Vickie.” After all these years they still get excited when they find that special item to bring to the show or to take to their store.
     Vickie and Lita love Southern Gospel music and enjoy listening to their favorite southern gospel groups. They all love to fish, so when they have the time they are on the lake.
     Be sure to check out their collection in Hall D.
Email: litabg@comcast.net
Facebook: Lotteta’s at Runts Place
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i’klektic kollektions ~ Hall C 110-112 October 31, 2013

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If you love a true treasure hunt, Jeff Miller’s shop is for you!

Jeff developed a passion for antiques from his grandmothers and parents where he learned the importance of the past and gained an appreciation of antiques’ simple beauty. He acquired a large collection of McCoy pottery over the years. He didn’t become a dealer until 1994. He sold at historic Lakewood for 6 years and has been at Lakewood 400 for 3 years.
Jeff’s passion is and always has been pottery, porcelain and glassware, but that is a small part of the treasures in his shop today. If you are searching for something unique, you may find it here although you may have to dig a little to uncover it! Fun! You’ll find decoratives both artistic and functional, lamps and chandeliers, linens, mid-century modern … you name it … it’s there, even a old portable fireplace perfect for your holiday setting! He offers “affordable” art (originals and one of a kind). But one thing he enjoys the most is mixing different elements, styles and eras.
Jeff grew up on a farm in Rome. Outside, he seems a quiet man, but inside he feels he should have been a comedian. Just get him talking! He loves gardening, the piano, and music, and refers to Lakewood 400 dealers as his closest friends and family.
Be sure to check out this shop in Hall C. It’s full of treasures!

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TIM SCHOEN ~ HALL H 524 October 2, 2013

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Antiques, Art and Objects of Interest. That’s the short description of Tim Schoen Antiques. His eclectic collection covers the late 1800’s to the 1930’s with a few items up to 1950. He features Folk Art, especially Georgia and North Carolina potters, and some higher end pottery. Another passion … older steamer trunks which he refurbishes. You’ll find sports memorabilia and with Christmas coming up, maybe an antique fishing lure or other unique gift for the sports enthusiast in your life. One more passion, Tim loves boxes and containers of all kinds. That’s just a few of the treasures you’ll find in Tim’s shop. There is so much more to see!
     Tim is retired from the educational publishing business but has been an antique dealer for over twenty years. As with most of us, the hunt is most enjoyable. Of the 15-20 shows Tim and his partner, Sue, do a year, he considers Lakewood 400 the most important.
     Check out this interesting shop in Hall H 524.
Email: timschoen@aol.com

STUFF LIKE THAT ~ HALL B 57-58 October 2, 2013

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Dollie Caruthers has been with Lakewood for years with her fun and somewhat historical shop. For sure you will enjoy the tunes playing on the “record player”.Stuff Like That features a great collection of Vinyl Records, all RPM’s including children’s and sound tracks.
     Packed in there are license plates, toys and books, ephemera from the early 1900’s through the 1970’s, vintage wine bottles, advertisements and textiles, to start. Plan to spent some time and peek in the corners. You might be surprised at what you find here.
     Dollie relocated to Georgia from Mineola (Long Island), NY in 1994. She is pictured with partner Willie Bell. Don’t forget to ask Dollie the historical significance of her pieces.
Email: dolliecaruthers@bellsouth.net

RAY BURNETTE ~ HALL C 120-121 October 2, 2013

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Ray Burnette started playing music at 14 years old. Raised in Alpharetta, Georgia, he plays the guitar, drums, bass, harmonica, fiddle and probably a little of anything else put in his hands. About 40 years ago, he started collecting Cookie Jars and old Clothes Sprinklers. It’s a most interesting combination, but you will see an awesome collection of both in his shop all the way back in Hall C. Beautiful instruments he collected over the years which he is now parting with. But what’s even better, there is usually a concert going on back there!
If you are musically inclined or know someone who is, this shop is a must. Don’t forget Christmas coming up! And as for the Cookie Jars, who doesn’t love cookies or remember the jar your Mother or Grandmother had!
See Ray’s treasures in Hall C and hear him play!
Email: minnola@att.net

HAWAIIAN CONNECTION ~ HALL F 318-371 September 17, 2013

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Richard Brown grew up with Aunts and his Mom as cheap labor picking up and restoring treasures back to life. Fifty years later, he is still doing it!
     Richard has traveled extensively around the world, especially the Orient … Japan, Taiwan and Hawaii. He lived in Hawaii for 25 years, raised his family and had a saw mill where he worked with the rare Koa wood pictured to the right. He has hand crafted more than 500 of these incredible rockers over the years.
     As a custom builder in both Hawaii and the US, Richard has building materials and hardware in his extensive shop which covers the back third of Hall F. You’ll find slab lumber in Walnut, Cherry, Ash and Hickory from Missouri. But that’s just the start of this collection which started small and grew. There’s tons of antiques and collectibles from all over the world.
     Richard has 7 children, 12 grandchildren (plus two more on the way) and 4 great grandchildren. He and his wife Angela (with Richard above) love to travel cross country their “boys” Rex and Snoopy.
    Going to the back of Hall F is a fun true treasure hunt where you might uncover just about anything! Be sure to stop and chat with Richard and Angela. He has so many stories to tell!
Hall F 318-371
Email: koarocker@gmail.com

MY FAVORITE ANTIQUES ~ HALL H 524 September 17, 2013

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Angie Abercrombie’s great shop runs the gambit from English Antiques, Art Deco, Unique Finds, Vintage, Rustic, and Retro … all displayed beautifully. With Angie’s design talents, you can see how to fuse all of these different styles together for the perfect setting in your home. Don’t be afraid to ask for her advice. Angie is more than happy to share her expertise.
Angie is a retired school teacher with a passion for antiques which started very early in life. Check her shop in Hall H 524, 537, 538.

Email: asc42@msn.com

Facebook Page: My Favorite Antiques