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COUTURE CARLOTTA ~ Hall H 503 March 11, 2014

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Carlotta Stapleton

Carlotta Stapleton

Of all fashion accessories, the hat is by far the most significant. You might even say each decade can be defined by the style of hat popular at that time. One shop at Lakewood 400,Couture Carlotta, is like walking into a quality lady’s store from days gone bye featuring more hats than you can imagine.

   As a child, owner Carlotta Stapleton idolized Melly fromGone With The Wind, wanting to be just like her. She grew up just as gracious, and loving all the accessories a Southern lady employs. Her career as a Flight Attendant with American Airlines afforded her many opportunities to collect the treasures all over the world which now fill her beautiful shop.
   Carlotta secretly desires to be a milliner and can design or enhance a hat just for you.
   The film industry regularly shops with Carlotta for movies since they are sure to find all styles needed. She might be enticed to “rent” a hat as well.
   In addition to all the accessories for an elegant lady from hat pins to china teacups to glamorous vanities, Carlotta offers styling tips and will gladly search for specific fashions for you.

With Easter just around the corner, April 20, this is one shop you want to check out … Hall H 503. Carlotta will make you make you feel right at home.
"Downton Abbey" Style

“Downton Abbey” Style

"Hunger Games" Style

“Hunger Games” Style




ONYX ~ Hall H 518 June 13, 2013

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Pat Rey is a very attractive, stylish lady. And in her shoppe, Onyx, you will find a fabulous selection of scarves, jewelry, watches, purses … all the accessories to add fashionable flair. Pat searches for affordable accessories which look expensive and unique. Plus, Pat will show you how to wear these beautiful pieces perfectly!
Pat says she loves Lakewood 400, especially only working 3 days a week in a non stressful business. Her 35 years in real estate was anything but stress free. She and her husband, Howard, have a combined total of 4 children and 5 grand children. When not at Lakewood, Pat is trying to be a potter, “somewhat unsuccessfully”.
Se sure to see Pat’s beautiful shop.

Email: p-rey@bellsouth.net
See more: Click to go to the facebook.com/lakewood400antiquesmarket


G & S DESIGNERS ~ HALL A 40 January 29, 2013

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A visit to Hall A 40 can make the hearts of both guys and gals beat faster. Gerald “Jerry” Stacy, assisted by Claudia Harris, specializes in unique, one of a kind jewelry and watches, including antique and estate pieces. Don’t see exactly what you had in mind? Jerry can custom design a ring to your desires. He also sells loose diamonds and gemstones. You’ll find a treasure trove of rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings.
One thing that sets Jerry apart is his selections of “guy” jewelry, including Rolex watches.
G & S Designs also resizes and repairs most jewelry. Jerry buys gold, silver, and estate pieces. He test diamonds and can arrange certified appraisals.
On the personal side, Jerry has had a colorful past in Hollywood. He is currently contracted with Rising Star Records and has several CD’s of his piano performances and his own piano compositions. He is a member of the Atlanta Guild of Organists and is building his own pipe organ!
Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Be sure and go to the Lakewood blog where you can shop Jerry’s jewelry. Maybe you can drop hints to your special someone!
Email: geraldstacy@att.net


NOVEL BY KELLI SMITH ~ HALL G 430 September 25, 2012

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Kelli Smith has been designing and creating since childhood, starting with blue jean handbags for friends in grade school, to art / design sketches in college. She now designs jewelry with “repurposing” in mind, and attributes her beginnings to her beloved grandmother who left her a train case filled with treasures. She combines fresh and vintage finds, making one of a kind pieces that are as eclectic as they are traditional. Her signature pieces … cuff bracelets and farm tag necklaces.
Kelli grew up in Greenville, SC, and relocated to Atlanta in 1987. She lives in Alpharetta with her husband, Harry, and two adorable “babies”, Coco and Nora, a Yorkie and a Daschund / Yorkie mix.
See Kelli’s work in Hall G 430. Kelli’s website: www.shopnovelonline.com


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For all the altered jewelry artists out there, this shop is a must!

Joe Anne Newton’s collection of jewelry, buttons, bags, vintage hand mirrors … “women’s fru fru” as she puts it, is extensive to say the least.  You’ll find tubs of jewelry and jewelry parts to choose from to wear or make into gorgeous vintage necklaces so in style today.

Joe Anne has an interesting background. Originally from Knoxville, TN, she lived in Japan for four years, went to China in 2001, toured Europe in 1973. She retired from Haverty Furniture in design and sales. In 2000, she merged her family of three children with Ed Dazey, also known as “The Chief”, whom she met on the internet. You’ll find them side by side at Lakewood 400!

See Joe Anne in Hall D 242

Email: joeanew@hotmail.com












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For 30 years, Kathy Estes was a travel agent, traveling and shopping markets and bazaars around the world.  Her handmade artisan jewelry that combines natural stones with her own hand crafted copper and silver metal work as well as objects from around the world, resembles something she would have brought home from one of her trips.  One look at her displays and you feel you are in a market in another country.
Kathy came to Lakewood 400 one and a half years ago.  She is inspired by the constant new items each month.  But it was Kathy’s father, Bob Estes, who convinced Kathy to stay at Lakewood.  “You have to go where the love is,” said Bob, “and there’s love here.”  Sadly, Bob passed away a few months ago, but Jane, her lovely mother, comes with Kathy each month.
See Kathy’s work at Hall D 208.

KATHY LI February 29, 2012

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Kathy Li not only offers exquisite jewelry, she repairs and redesigns just about anything.  In addition to redesigning  your Grandmother’s jewelry into today’s styles, she repairs and resizes watches and replaces batteries, replaces and sets stones and diamonds, does old fashion pearl knotting and restringing, and repairs costume jewelry. All work is guaranteed.  Kathy was at Historic Lakewood for 8 years before coming to Lakewood 400 where she “loves to work and shop!”

Visit Kathy Li at Hall A 22
Phone:  404-643-9118

Alluvium Design January 31, 2012

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Michael Proft and Pamela Corsentino have been at Lakewood 400 for four years.  Interior designers, as well as movie set designers, flock to their shop to find just the right piece to complete their 1950’s look such as an old TV, rare appliances, dishes, games and more.  You’ll find great furniture among the mid-century modern collectibles Michael has been searching out for 30 years.  They delight in playing “what is it?” with customers who can’t quite figure out what some of the appliances are.  Michael also refinishes furniture, as well as buys, sells or trades services or merchandise.

But Michael and Pamela have a flip side.   They do lapidary work (stone cutting and polishing), and have a vast display of rocks, fossils and minerals.  They offer a extensive collection of jewelry supplies and offer jewelry design and classes on beading, fusing, soldering and wire wrapping.  Have a piece of jewelry that needs repair?  Michael and Pamela can do it!

Michael is a designer, home builder, craftsman, general contractor and artist.  He is a member of the Institute of Business Design and the Meteorite Association of Georgia.   He is an avid collector, and rock, fossil and mineral dealer, showing at numerous shows yearly, but he considers their permanent storefront at Lakewood 400 their home.

Pamela has worked in the art/craft industry as a designer, writer, product developer and more.  She appeared on the Carol Duvall Show and Craft Lab (with Jennifer Perkins).  Pamela created and edited her own magazine ‘Creative Techniques’.  She was also Creative Marketing Director for Fredrix Canvas.

Location:  Hall G 414-415, 457-458

Website:  http://www.alluviumdesign.com

Blog:  http://alluviumdesign.blogspot.com

Facebook:  facebook.com/AlluviumDesign

Turner’s Treasures January 6, 2012

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Debbie Turner and Gary Sherwood have been at Lakewood 400 since it opened and many years before at Historic Lakewood.  Specializing in vintage jewelry and collectibles, they sell a variety ranging from Victorian to modern, signed and unsigned, and more rare items such as dress clips, sweater and shoe clips, clip earrings, cuff links, and more.

“We love to help our customers find items to match Grandma’s pieces,” says Debbie “and also help brides find vintage pieces for weddings or other special events.”  They also buy vintage jewelry that people no longer use.

Debbie and Gary have been in the antique business for 30 years and feel blessed to be doing something they love and have so much fun doing.  “We meet the most fascinating people at Lakewood.”  Debbie has two sons and a grandson, enjoys going to auctions and antique shops to hunt for great merchandise, traveling and spending time with family.

Contact Debbie Turner at Hall A 24 or debbieturner1@comcast.net.

Three Bird Studio December 8, 2011

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Chris Loeb has a BA in Interior Design but gave it up to create jewelry!  She features boutique handmade jewelry using vintage pieces and parts to create true “wearable art”.  She will custom make a special piece just for you.  She has been at Lakewood 400 for 6 years.

Contact:  Hall D 222, threebirdstudio@hotmail.com