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ETHELYN’S ~ Hall H 507 January 30, 2014

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Donna Liberatore’s love for the outdoors greatly influences each piece that she gravitates to and further inspires her love for earthy colors, unusual lines, pieces with texture and architectural elements. Her shop is filled with unusual furniture, farm like objects, and anything related to gardening.
Donna grew up in Connecticut where she loves the beautiful landscapes and rich history. She enjoys gardening, hiking and spending time with friends and family, and is especially appreciative of the
support of her husband and two sons.
See Donna’s eclectic collection in Hall H.
Email: ethelyns.calhoun@gmail.com


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Most of the time, The Magpie, Ann Osborne’s shop is filled with garden and nature oriented treasures which reflect the background of this talented lady. Ann is a creative artist who has spent years painting murals in homes across the US.
   But in September and October, her shop transforms into “The Witches Apothecary”. 
All year she concocts
potions which she offers for the Halloween fan with all the trimmings. With that little twinkle in her eye, you have to wonder if Ann is really a witch … a good witch for sure! This is a fabulous shop to see. 

Ann's Bacon Cookers . Great Gift!

Ann’s Bacon Cookers .
Great Gift!

   Ann does have her famous Bacon Cookers in her shop this month (they make great gifts) among the skulls, pumpkins, crows, spiders …
Email: annhanna41@gmail.com

UNEXPECTED FINDS ~ Hall B 49 . 50 August 1, 2013

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Seagrass Rugs   .   Vintage   .   Cool Stuff
“I do not consider what I do a business. It is just a fun hobby that allows me to sell my ‘unexpected finds’ for others to enjoy.”
     Karin Melvin started collecting several years ago with her sisters and found they were drawn to anything wood or metal. “As we collect together, we laugh because if there is wood or metal there, we usually buy it,” says Karin. But there is a lot more in Karin’s shop. It’s a joy to stand there and admire her collection of vintage and fun items. You are sure to find a few things you want to make your own.
     One thing you will always find in her shop is seagrass rugs, her specialty. The ever popular and durable rugs come in several sizes and color selections. Karin invites you to “come check out the rugs at prices that can’t be beaten!”
     Karin is happily married with 2 grown boys and 2 precious granddaughters. Purchases in Karin’s shop go to support her loving grandmotherly splurging of her beloved granddaughters!
Email: unexpectedfindsga@gmail.com

See more designs: Visit Our Blog!



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If you need a corner bracket or fireplace screen made in a specific style or size, Iris Eiseman is the one to talk to.
Iris has been manufacturing both interior and exterior Iron Decor since 1997. In her collection you’ll find all kinds of home decor, wall decor, unique fireplace screens, planters, brackets, garden hose holders … to name a few items. Much is cast iron, sometimes a starting point, then Iris designs and welds to create the perfect piece.
Creative talent runs in the family of Eisemans. Across the aisle from Iris is Hilary, also known as “The Purse Lady” and one of Iris’ five, “fun and fabulous” children.
Iron Fireplace Screen Lakewood 400 Iris began life in New York City and came to Atlanta in 1977 via Charlotte, NC. She joined the Lakewood family at Historic Lakewood in 1997 and has been at Lakewood 400 since it opened.

Meet Iris in Hall B 64. Take home a great iron creation or have her “sculpt” one just for you.



Email: ironlady4u@gmail.com


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One look at The Potting Shed and you know the owner, Carole Berg, is a professional designer.  With over 40 years in residential and commercial design, including trips to China to work in product development, The Potting Shed is a collection of new and vintage garden and interior accessories with a nod to the English Garden.  Carole is always happy to fill   orders for  floral arrangements , wreaths, holiday designs and installations, and retail set-up and display..
Most of Carole’s time when not at Lakewood 400 is spent at AmericasMart setting showroom displays where she has had more than 15 major clients in several major cities over the years.  Carole has been at Lakewood  since the beginning.
See Carole in the Entry to the left.


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Come Into My Garden is truly for everyone with a garden in their heart.  Whether you have a garden outside or garden style inside, you’ll find all kinds of treasures hand selected by Jan Jones.  The shoppe includes garden iron and furniture, fountains, concrete art, candle lanterns, birding art, flower pots, and every kind of iron hook, bracket, plant hook, etc., you can think of.  And the latest addition … miniature and fairy gardens, complete with all the accessories!

Jan is also known for her beautiful magnifying glass necklaces – what a wonderful Mother’s Day gift!
Visit Jan in Hall G 409