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LOLETTA’S AT RUNTS PLACE ~ HALL D 218-219 November 13, 2013

Posted by comeintomygarden in Antiques, Collectibles, Glassware.
Jim, Lita and Vickie come to Lakewood 400 from their store, Loletta’s at Runts Place, on Highway 20 in Cumming. They have a great variety of merchandise including true antiques, glassware, coins, jewelry, vintage holiday items and metal, as they put it … the gambit, Antique to Unique.
     Lakewood 400 is special to them not only for being able to sell their merchandise, but because of the friendships they have made over the past 5 years. The staff, other dealers and customers have become like family.
     Jim and Lita have been married 52 years and antiquing for about 28 years. Vickie came into their lives 12 years ago and they turned her into an antique Junkie. According to Lita, “If we could have chosen a daughter it would have been Vickie.” After all these years they still get excited when they find that special item to bring to the show or to take to their store.
     Vickie and Lita love Southern Gospel music and enjoy listening to their favorite southern gospel groups. They all love to fish, so when they have the time they are on the lake.
     Be sure to check out their collection in Hall D.
Email: litabg@comcast.net
Facebook: Lotteta’s at Runts Place
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