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i’klektic kollektions ~ Hall C 110-112 October 31, 2013

Posted by comeintomygarden in Antiques, Collectibles, Glassware, Home Decor, Lighting/Globes.
If you love a true treasure hunt, Jeff Miller’s shop is for you!

Jeff developed a passion for antiques from his grandmothers and parents where he learned the importance of the past and gained an appreciation of antiques’ simple beauty. He acquired a large collection of McCoy pottery over the years. He didn’t become a dealer until 1994. He sold at historic Lakewood for 6 years and has been at Lakewood 400 for 3 years.
Jeff’s passion is and always has been pottery, porcelain and glassware, but that is a small part of the treasures in his shop today. If you are searching for something unique, you may find it here although you may have to dig a little to uncover it! Fun! You’ll find decoratives both artistic and functional, lamps and chandeliers, linens, mid-century modern … you name it … it’s there, even a old portable fireplace perfect for your holiday setting! He offers “affordable” art (originals and one of a kind). But one thing he enjoys the most is mixing different elements, styles and eras.
Jeff grew up on a farm in Rome. Outside, he seems a quiet man, but inside he feels he should have been a comedian. Just get him talking! He loves gardening, the piano, and music, and refers to Lakewood 400 dealers as his closest friends and family.
Be sure to check out this shop in Hall C. It’s full of treasures!

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