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GARDEN GIRLS ~ HALL H 513 May 3, 2013

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If you love gardening, flowers, or fairies, you will love meeting Fine Artist Michele Alcock.
Most of her life, Michele has been growing, foraging, dissecting, pressing, and drying botanicals … flowers, leaves and seeds, 12 months of the year. Every detail in her artwork is completely “painted” with botanicals, even down to the tiny seeds for eyes. Her amazing originals are reproduced using museum quality papers into Fine Art Prints, Cards, and Giclees on canvas. Michele does admit to embellishing her prints with tiny Swarovski crystals occasionally.
Michele has been honored at many art shows and has been selected as one of five artist to compete for the artwork for the 2013 Yellow Daisy Festival.
Enjoy meeting Michele and seeing her incredible fine art in Hall H 513.

Email: michelesgardengirls@gmail.com




1. Michele ALCOCK - May 6, 2013

Good morning Jan 🙂 ,
Thank you SO much for writing about me and I look forward to trying out Lakewood. I don’t know if you can make any corrections, and if possible, my name is misspelled. Correct spelling … Michele Alcock and email is michelesgardengirls@gmail.com ( only 1 “L” in my name. My last name seems to be misspelled often. If you can fix it, that would be terrific. I appreciate you and see you soon . Peace 🙂 Michele

2. marilyn aury - May 14, 2013

YEAH, glad you took the plunge! See you Fri.

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