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BOOKS, BOOKS, & MORE BOOKS! August 28, 2012

Posted by comeintomygarden in Books.

If you’ve run out of summer reads and need to stock up Lynda Christensen's books for the fall and winter, Lakewood 400 is the place to do just that. In the back of Hall C, Lynda Christensen’s Vintage Finds collection rivals a library. >

Gheppto's closet books < In Hall G 437, Geppeto’s Closet has a book nook with all kinds of books and lots of great books for children. Your kids will love this shop!

You’ll find pockets all around the show …..Strutt Antiques at Strutt Antiques in Hall E 257, books in the Cutter’s shop in Hall G 420, Garden and Decorating books in Wretched Xcess in Hall G 451, an array of cook books in Sylvia and Margie shop in Hall G 401.
Wretched Xcess

And scattered throughout the show are the sought after leather bound books of yesteryear that collectors seek.

If you are a lover of books, Lakewood 400 has your fill.
You might even find a few unique ways to display your books when you get them home.



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