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Alluvium Design January 31, 2012

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Michael Proft and Pamela Corsentino have been at Lakewood 400 for four years.  Interior designers, as well as movie set designers, flock to their shop to find just the right piece to complete their 1950’s look such as an old TV, rare appliances, dishes, games and more.  You’ll find great furniture among the mid-century modern collectibles Michael has been searching out for 30 years.  They delight in playing “what is it?” with customers who can’t quite figure out what some of the appliances are.  Michael also refinishes furniture, as well as buys, sells or trades services or merchandise.

But Michael and Pamela have a flip side.   They do lapidary work (stone cutting and polishing), and have a vast display of rocks, fossils and minerals.  They offer a extensive collection of jewelry supplies and offer jewelry design and classes on beading, fusing, soldering and wire wrapping.  Have a piece of jewelry that needs repair?  Michael and Pamela can do it!

Michael is a designer, home builder, craftsman, general contractor and artist.  He is a member of the Institute of Business Design and the Meteorite Association of Georgia.   He is an avid collector, and rock, fossil and mineral dealer, showing at numerous shows yearly, but he considers their permanent storefront at Lakewood 400 their home.

Pamela has worked in the art/craft industry as a designer, writer, product developer and more.  She appeared on the Carol Duvall Show and Craft Lab (with Jennifer Perkins).  Pamela created and edited her own magazine ‘Creative Techniques’.  She was also Creative Marketing Director for Fredrix Canvas.

Location:  Hall G 414-415, 457-458

Website:  http://www.alluviumdesign.com

Blog:  http://alluviumdesign.blogspot.com

Facebook:  facebook.com/AlluviumDesign



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