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Bella Vintage January 18, 2012

Posted by comeintomygarden in Antiques.

Mary Kay Kibler and Danielle Christian energize vintage goods into new revived furniture and decor for your home.  They use anything from old barn wood, windows, doors, wheels, roofing to books, webbing plates, frames and more into unique creations.  They also hand paint signs and turn books into creations such as wreaths, pumpkins, bird houses and even Christmas trees!  They are ready to create custom made pieces just for you.

Mary Kay and Danielle have been at Lakewood 400 for over 2 years and say they spent a great deal of time and money at Historic Lakewood!  They enjoy Lakewood 400 and say “the family of dealers are as wonderful as the unique items they sell.”

Mary Kay grew up with a mother who worked auctions.  She recently cleaned out her in-laws 100+ year old Pennsylvania farmhouse and barn which is spawning many more creations.  She is passing this love of antiques to her two daughters, Katey and Jillian, who are teens but already collecting for their own homes and making jewelry.

Danielle lives in FreeHome with her loving husband, Tim and three beautiful daughters.  She loves antiquing … digging through and finding little treasures and making them into something new.  Painting is also a favorite pastime of Danielle’s.  She loves painting furniture and signs for fun.  She says that having a booth really helps her keep her passion for creating alive.

Hall G 435

Emails:  Mary Kay: ckibler@aol.com      Danielle:  danielle@christian34.com

Facebook Page:  Bella Vintage



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